Month: August 2017

A Taste of Cinema

Article published in 'Taste of Cinema' by A. A. Coburn

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Some fan-theories, no matter how bizarre, are so well thought out that they add extra layers to a film, improving the viewing experience tenfold. Other theories, however, are so baffling that they may have been conceived by a deranged madman.

I have avoided some of the more baffling theories out there and have instead chosen fan-theories that, whilst bizarre, have incredible plausibility, gained online traction and highlight existing themes within a film.

Spoilers for the following films are obviously included: Punch Drunk Love, Taxi Driver, Once Upon a Time in America, Spirited Away, Pan’s Labyrinth, The Thing, The Dark Knight, Se7en, The Shining, and Enemy. I’ve tried to include a mixture of well-known films and lesser known films.

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