Who exactly is Adam?

Adam’s love for film began where he was born; in the quaint city of Carlisle. That was where he made his début feature; ‘Space Men vs Giant Squid-thing’. His intention was for the film to be a post-modernist critique of the human condition but instead was shamefully dismissed by critics as ‘just a ten year old beating up a couple of old toys with an inflatable squid’.

Despite the knock-back, Adam’s love for film only grew stronger. Whilst growing up, he found the medium to be the perfect platform to bring his vivid ideas into reality, shooting his shorts on a small digital handy-cam. A lot of what he learnt about film-making came from producing those early films; both the successes and the disasters.

Adam took what he learnt from his successes and disasters with him to Sheffield Hallam University, where he studied Film & Media Production. This is where he became acquainted with DSLR Cameras, Avid Media Composer and an array of industry professional equipment. He graduated with a First Class Honours Degree, having specialised in directing, editing, cinematography and screen-writing.

Now that Adam’s graduated, he spends his time filming and developing short projects whilst also producing client-based work and music videos. He is eager to form relationships with other film-makers as well as actors and performers who may be wanting material filmed for their portfolio.

One day, Adam hopes to acquire the budget to make the sequel to ‘Space Men vs Giant Squid-thing’, but until then he continues to use film to bring his vivid ideas to life, only with better equipment and with the knowledge he needs not to make any disasters.